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Create And Share Your Own Message Via The Stranger Things Letter Wall

Stranger Things is a hit Netflix series that is just one season in and possibly one of the best modern sci-fi shows you can watch. We’re not going to give away any spoilers for the show if you’re still watching the first season so it’s safe to continue reading. There’s a pretty awesome scene in Stranger Things episode 3 where a wall is painted with letters and Christmas lights are strung atop of them. The lights and letters are used to spell out a message one letter at a time. It’s pretty awesome and Netflix has released a little web app that lets you create your very own letter wall message to share as a GIF.

Visit the Stranger Things web app and enter whatever message you want to spell out. The longer your message is, the larger your final GIF will be. Once you’ve created your message the app will let you can download the GIF or share it to Facebook and Twitter.

The app has a 20 character limit so it will make sure you don’t get too carried away. Enter your message and click ‘Create’ and remember to keep the message short.

stranger things wall

The GIF takes only a few seconds to generate and the quality is pretty good. A GIF created for a message eleven characters long turned out to be 3.2MB which is big as far as images go. Once generated, you can download it or share it to Facebook or Twitter.

stranger things wall gif

The GIF will play in a continuous loop and spell out your message. You should save the GIF because if you navigate away from the page it will be lost.

Visit Stranger Things Letter Wall

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