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Create GIFs From Videos And Add Text With The New Imgur GIF Creator

We all take our GIFs very seriously but no one takes them as seriously as Imgur. The service started out as a great way to share images on Reddit where the GIF format is very popular. Imgur has been hard at work trying to improve the GIF format. Last year it announced the GIFV format that made it easier to upload and view larger, longer, and better quality GIFs but today it’s done something absolutely wonderful; it’s incorporated a video to GIF maker that even lets you add text to your GIF. If your GIF is large, it will convert it to GIFV format and it will automatically be uploaded to Imgur, ready for sharing.

Copy the link to a video to you clipboard and paste it. Wait for the icon to turn into a green check mark. If it turns into a red cross (like in the screenshot below) the video, for some reason or the other, cannot be used to create a GIF.

Imgur Video_GIF

Assuming the green check mark appears, you will automatically see a video player appear, with volume controls, a play/pause button, and a seek bar. As the video starts playing, use the plus button marker to select the start and end point of the GIF. Add text if you want and once you’re done, click the Create GIF button.

The markers used to mark the start and end of a GIF are really great because they let you manually enter the start and end time of the GIF from the video. The text tool only lets you add text in white but it appears with a shadow ribbon behind it making it easy to read. Unfortunately the size of the text is really small. There is no framerate control and the GIF can be up to fifteen seconds long.

Imgur Video to GIF 2

It takes some time for the GIF to be generated but the end quality has a super high quality glossy finish making it worth the wait. The source video is linked to at the bottom of the Imgur viewer so you don’t have to worry about forgetting the sauce of a GIF.

Visit Video To GIF Maker By Imgur

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