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Curiyo Shows A Popup Of Info, Videos & Images For Words On Websites

We often come across a word, a person’s or company’s name, a slang phrase, or pretty much any term that we have absolutely no clue about, and we look it up on Google, Yahoo or online dictionaries. But what if you could find relevant information about anything you find on the internet without leaving the webpage you have open? There have been several tools developed for the purpose, and Curiyo is another one of them with focus on ease of use. This Google Chrome and Firefox extension makes it possible for you to view additional info about any topic or word on the web page you’re browsing, in a separate popup that appears within the webpage itself. The extension fetches the results from Wikipedia, Wordlink, Crunchbase, Google Translation, Twitter, Images, YouTube, News and Google search. Details to follow right after the jump.


Once installed, Curiyo ‘Auto-links’ popular phrases or topics in the content that you’re reading. For example, the extension easily detects celebrity names, places, countries,and even acronyms etc., for your ease. It displays a dotted line under the detected phrase to denote that further relevant information is available, and clicking on the highlighted item reveals the results.


This doesn’t, however, mean that you are limited to viewing information about the auto-linked items only, as Curiyo also lets you long-click on any word to get information on it. For instance, in the screenshot below, I clicked the word ‘Technology’ in a Wikipedia article, and was presented with many relevant options in the resultant popup.

Curiyp Popup

Speaking of the pop window, it looks fairly simple and easy on the eyes, carrying separate tabs for the supported services at the top, including famous options like Wikipedia, Google Translate, Twitter and YouTube, in addition to some relatively less-known ones. Based on what sort of information you’re looking for, just click on the relevant tab and you’ll see the pertaining info. For instance, clicking YouTube presents related videos that contains the same word or phrase.

What’s most useful about the extension is the fact that you don’t have to open a separate window for looking up the info, and you can switch between various sources on the fly.  The extension also enables you to share the current content on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or email it to your contacts. Furthermore, you can also edit the detected phrase manually, and look up even more results using the Search button.

All in all, it’s a really handy and intelligent extension that potentially save you a lot of time while you browse the web. Curiyo is currently available for Google Chrome and Firefox.

Install Curiyo for Chrome

Install Curiyo for Firefox

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