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How To Detect Recipes On A Webpage [Chrome]

Recipes, good ones, don’t always come from large name food networks. You can find a lot of good ones on smaller blogs but getting to the actual recipe can be something of a quest in itself. Recipe blogs, while not the same as click-bait articles that have you jump through hoops to get to the point, tend to bury the recipe at times. Instead of adding the recipe at the top, or somewhere near the top of the page, it’s pushed further down. Recipe Filter is a Chrome extension developed by Redditor fancy_pantser that will detect recipes on a web page and show them to you so that you don’t have to browse the whole page for them yourself.

Detect Recipes

To detect recipes on a webpage, all you have to do is install Recipe Filter from the Chrome Web Store. Start searching for recipes. Websites that show the recipe at the top, in a proper format will not be affected by this extension. Websites that bury their recipe either under a load of text or under loads of ads will be targeted. Recipe Filter will find the recipe and show it to you in a frame on the page. If you’re worried this extension will affect the website’s ad revenue, don’t worry. Ads aren’t purged from the recipe card. They’re still there and you don’t have to worry about affecting the site’s revenue.

This is a bit of an unfortunate practice on a lot of food blogs. The recipe is pushed down, or obscured when it’s likely the one thing that brought a user to the website in the first place. It might have to do with bloggers wanting to increase their stats and convince Google’s algorithm that the site is doing well but there are one too many websites that do this for that to actually be the case.

Popular websites owned by large networks such as BBC Foods and AllRecipes don’t engage in this practice but our example website (in the screenshot) does and it was on the first page of Google search results. Speaking of which, Google Image search highlights images that are accompanied by a recipe and if that’s how you find a particular recipe for your use, this extension can be all the more useful.

Whitelisting Websites

Recipe Filter has a whitelisting feature as well. If it runs on websites that don’t need the recipe to be extracted, you can simply whitlelist them from the extension’s options. It’s worth mentioning that the extension calls this whitelisting feature blacksliting.

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