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How To Watch Netflix At Work Discretely

Netflix binge sessions are a thing. The service has entire series, complete seasons of TV shows all available with auto-play. Once you get started on a good series, it’s easy to lose track of time. That said, when the sun eventually comes up, you have to turn it off. If your workload is light though, you can probably continue your binge and watch Netflix at work if you’re careful. The only condition is that you use Chrome because you need a Chrome extension called Workflix to get away with it.

Disclaimer: AddictiveTips is not responsible if you lose your job. Don’t try this if you work a highly hazardous job that requires attention and quick action in case of an emergency.

Use Workflix to watch Netflix at work

Install the Workflix extension from the Chrome Web Store. Workflix does two things; it can change the favicon i.e. tab icon for the tab you’re watching Netflix on to Google. When you click the extension’s icon, it will also quickly switch to the tab on the left, or the right, or it will open a new tab. This is a setting you can configure yourself.

Once the extension is installed, click the icon it adds next to the URL bar. Select the preventive measure you want it to take i.e., which tab it is you want it to switch to. If you don’t configure this option, clicking the icon will open Google in a new tab. When you need to hide that you’re watching Netflix at work, simply tap the Q key on your keyboard.

If you decide to go with the Create new tab option, you can choose which website it opens. You can enter the URL to your company’s Slack channel, or if you have a web based email or ticketing portal that you use, you can enter the URL for that.

The extension works most of the time which is definitely risky. It will always pause Netflix and change the favicon however it may not always change the tab to the one on the left or right, or open a new tab.

You do have to be aware of your surroundings if you decide to use Workflix for watching Netflix at work. It’s best to keep one ear free so you can tell when someone is approaching and hide your activity. The extension doesn’t exactly come with sensors that tell you when someone is coming or standing behind you so be vigilant.

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