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How to enable the Facebook dark mode

Facebook for web has a new native dark mode and a brand new design. The new design, and the dark mode are slowly rolling out to users so you may, or may not have seen it yet. The new design is different, and it’s going to roll out to the Facebook apps as well. ّYou’re going to have to wait for the new design to roll out. There’s no way to force it just yet. The new design has a dark mode. Here’s how you can enable it.

Facebook dark mode

The new dark mode is part of the new Facebook design. Unless you’ve switched over to the new design, you won’t be able to use it. If you already have the new design, you can enable the dark mode. Click your profile avatar at the top right and from the new menu, turn on the Dark Mode switch.

The theme will change immediately and it’s not bad. It’s very reminiscent of the dark theme that YorTube has. The white is replaced with the dark grey that is standard with most dark themes that you’ll find on websites that have added them, and the text is white. Images will be unchanged but the icons will change.

The new design isn’t going to be permanent, at least not right away. When it’s available for your profile, you have the option to try it out. You can opt into the new design and then opt out of it whenever you want. The option is right there under the dark mode switch. With the dark mode, the blue bar that’s been a staple of the Facebook design since its early days is replaced with a dark grey bar. You will still see the familiar blue in certain icons.

The design roll out isn’t going to be complete in a matter of days. This is a bigger change so the roll out will be complete in a month, or maybe more. It’s possible that the Facebook app on your phone already has the new dark mode but it just hasn’t been enabled yet which is why you don’t see it.

If you could really use a dark mode on Facebook, and you don’t want to wait around for the native feature to arrive, you can use Chrome’s new dark mode for websites. It’s not the same as Facebook’s own dark mode but it will tie you over until the feature is available.

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