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Facebook Adds Stickers To Its Web Chat

Emoticons have come a long way from the simple colon and brackets to small images, the vast world of emoji, and even little animated yellow heads that beat each other up with clubs. Facebook has long had little smileys that you can add to your chats, with support for them in status updates, comments, and replies coming only a while ago. In one of its more recent updates to its smartphone apps, Facebook also added ‘Stickers’, which are basically emoticons that defy the conventional emoticon size and come in sets. When they debuted, these stickers could only be sent from mobile devices and not from the web, though they appeared there perfectly. In another small update, Facebook has added stickers to its web chat. You get two sets by default, but you can get more from the Sticker Store where everything is currently free.

The new stickers share space with the old emoticons, both being accessible from the smiley face button on your chat window. A small popup open inside your chat box with tabs for each set. All sets have their own name; the two that are added by default are called Meep and Pusheen.

chat stickers  stickers facebook

To add more sets, click the basket and it will open the Sticker Store. Here you can select and add other sets, but do make sure you want a set before you add it, as there seems to be no way as of yet to remove a set that you’ve added. Each set you add appears with its own dedicated tab in the emoticon window. The sets you add on the web are not added to the Facebook or Facebook Messenger apps on your smartphone.

sticker store

Stickers cannot be added to comments, status updates, or replies as of yet but just like support for emoticons and images, we can hope that sticker support will be added in the near future as well. The addition of stickers to Facebook’s web chat has not diminished them to a more reasonable size; they’re still has big as they were when you sent them from your smartphone, and they only come in one size each.

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