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Flint Brings Quick Social Media Sharing & Post Scheduling To Chrome

If you are a social media marketer, the ability to push out your updates to the right audience at the right time keeps you on top of your game. Fortunately, services like Google Alerts and HootSuit are immensely helpful when it comes to monitor your brand’s online progress and its viral factor across the internet. You might have also heard of Viralheat, a similar service that aids in managing multiple social networks under one roof to monitor and analyze consumer-created content, feedback and discussions about your product or service by tracking the number of mentions it receives online, in a manner similar to Twitter. In addition, it allows publishing and sharing links, images and other content across multiple social media profiles. If you want to publish your Viralheat posts in the simplest of ways, try Flint by Viralheat. It’s an official Chrome extension from Viralheat that makes it fairly easy for you to publish your posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. in a swift manner.

Using Flint is dead simple; after logging into your Viralheat account, click Flint’s icon on Chrome’s URL bar and a popup window appears, letting you instantly publish whatever you wish to the social media accounts that are linked to your Viralheat profile.

Flint by Viralheat

The obvious mainstay of Flint is letting users easily compose their Viralheat messages without first navigating to its web-based dashboard, and it does a flawless job accomplishing this task. From the message compose window, you can select the accounts where you want to post the current update. Support for all major social networks is there, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Tumblr.

Flint by Viralheat_Sources

You can also get a preview of your post before publishing it, and you can even schedule the current message to be posted at a later time. To do that, click the Schedule button and then specify your preferred date and time. The availability of other options may depend on your currently subscribed Viralheat plan. For instance, the option to select different publishing templates is only available for enterprise Viralheat users. Additional links or photos can be attached to your post using their pertaining buttons.

Flint by Viralheat_Featires

Flint is available for free at the Chrome web store. It works on all current Chrome releases; our testing was carried out on Chrome 32 running on Windows 8.

Install Flint by Viralheat from Chrome Web Store

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