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The Grim Tab Reaper Automatically Bookmarks & Closes Inactive Tabs In Firefox

One problem with working with a large number of tabs, is the fact that we often forget to close the inactive ones, despite having exhausted their need a long while back. Sifting through numerous tabs cannot only be a difficult task, but they also increase the memory usage (especially on Firefox). The Grim Tab Reaper is a clever Firefox add-on that will automatically bookmark inactive tabs and close them after a certain time interval has elapsed. By default, the time to automatically close inactive tabs is set to 48 hours, but users can increase/decrease the time from the add-on’s options. Note that this tool will never close web app tabs, or the active ones. Tabs that are reaped get a tabreaper tag associated with them, so you can easily find them by clicking the Recent Tags option in the Bookmarks menu.

After installing The Grim Tab Reaper, you can change the time of inactivity (in hours) from the options. Once the add-on has bookmarked and closed an individual or group of tabs after your set amount of time, you will be able to access them from the Recent Tags option found under the Bookmarks menu.


We’ve covered quite a few similar apps that unload tabs or plain closes them when it detects they are idle. The thing about idle or inactive tabs is that they can be both useful and useless. If you signed out of your email or some other account and navigated to a different tab without closing the previous one, you have a useless tab consuming memory in your Firefox window. If you opened several links at once from Google Reader or from a website but got caught up reading something else, you have a useful tab that is also consuming memory. While The Grim Tab Reaper handles the issue of saving tabs that might be important, it has no filter for websites to ignore. Additionally, it isn’t clear how the add-on will deal with duplicate tabs or bookmarks. Since bookmarking is automatic, there should be some way of preventing the add-on from saving the same page over and over.

The Grim Tab Reaper bookmarks and closes inactive tabs, so your browser consumes minimal memory until you need to access a tab. If you find yourself working with loads of Firefox tabs and forget to close inactive ones, then you should definitely install this neat tool from the link below.

Install The Grim Tab Reaper Add-On For Firefox

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