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How To Add Any URL To Your Facebook Saved Items List

Two years ago Facebook introduced a ‘Save‘ feature that allowed users to bookmark or save for later content they found on the network. It let you save links, images, books, movies, pages, and music and mimicked Pocket to a great extent. It was however limited to only saving content shared on Facebook. If you found a link outside Facebook, you couldn’t add it to your list of Saved items. That’s changed as of two days ago; Facebook has released a bookmarklet that you can add to your bookmarks bar and use it to send any link on the web to your Facebook ‘Saved’ list.

Visit the link at the bottom and drag and drop the bookmarklet on to the bookmarks bar. Browse the web and when you come across a link that you want to save to your Facebook account, click the bookmarklet. A new tab will open with the URL added just below a ‘Save to Facebook’ button. Click this button.


Once the button is clicked, the link is added to your Saves on Facebook. A notification will appear at the top right telling you the link has successfully been added to your account. You can click the ‘View on Facebook’ link to see it.


Any time you want to check the link out, click the ‘Saved’ option on the left bar, or navigate to the ‘Saved’ tab in the mobile app. It’s not the smoothest way to bookmark anything and the idea is hardly original since there are lots of online services that let you save bookmarks to the cloud. Facebook just has an edge over them because most people are usually always signed in. On that note, we should mention that you must be signed in to Facebook in order to save a link.

Install The Facebook Save Bookmarklet

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