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Save An Image From Google Image Search Results To Your Google Account

Google Photos on Android has been update. The update now allows users to selectively sync photos from their device to Google Photos as opposed to having them all sync to it. It’s also made a small but very useful update to Google Image search. If you are signed into your Google account when you search for images, you can save an image from the results to your Google account. A Save button now appears next to the ‘View Image’ button when you preview an image result. It doesn’t seem to work just yet on local Google Image versions but is working on Google.com.

Go to Google Image search and start looking for an image you need. From the results, click an image to open its preview and you will see the ‘Save’ button. Click it and when the star inside the button turns yellow, it indicates the image has been saved. You can view saved images via the ‘View Saved’ link.

google images save

Image are saved here and there doesn’t seem to be a way to access the link directly. You will likely want/have to bookmark the link itself if you’re looking for fast access. On this ‘Save’ page, you can add tags to the images that are added to it but you cannot sort them into folders. The images are of course not actually added to your account. Instead a link to them is saved which means should the image become unavailable at any point you won’t have a backup of it.

The feature is pretty neat because it allows users to save images they find when using Google Images. You don’t have to open the actual image in your browser and you certainly don’t have to save the image to your local drive just so you can take a look at it later.


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