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Hush Is A Password Protected Bookmarks Manager For Private Browsing [Chrome]

Hush is a secret stash for your bookmarks; to be exact it’s an extension made for bookmarks you want to save in Incognito mode because it lets you password protect the links you save. The saved links are not saved to the default bookmarks manager. The extension has a very neat and clean interface for viewing and editing bookmarks that you’ve saved and it lets you import or export them, securely. The extension works only in Incognito mode and that’s actually the downside of the extension because it’s something a user might want to use instead of the default bookmarks manager.

When you first install Hush, you will have to visit the extension’s page and allow the extension to work in Incognito mode. Next, open an Incognito window and you will see a padlock icon in the URL bar. Click it and set a password. There doesn’t seem to be any way to change it later so make sure you set a strong one that is easy for you to remember.



To save a link, click the padlock icon in the URL bar, enter the password, and then click Bookmark. To view all bookmarks, follow suit but click View All in the end. From the bookmarks manager, you can save a link by clicking the Add Bookmark button, you can rearrange the bookmarks you’ve already saved, delete a bookmark, or edit it.



To import or export bookmarks, hover the mouse cursor over the cog wheel next to the password field and select either the Import or Export option. The extension exports secured data and you must know the password you set in Hush to be able to view it. Likewise, only secure data can be imported to Hush.

import export


To edit a bookmark, click the edit button next to it and you can edit the link as well as the name it’s been saved by.

edit bookmark


Password protection and the clean bookmarks manager are what make the extension great. The lack of a way to change the password and the extension not working in normal browsing mode are what take away from its value but even so, it’s quite good.  Since you need to enter the password even to save a link, no one other than yourself will be able to save a bookmark to it. The bookmarks can’t be accessed in any way from the extension manager either so if someone who you share a computer with decides to take offence to your secret bookmarks stash, the worst they can do is delete the extension. Your secrets remain safe no matter what.

Install Hush from the Chrome Web Store

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