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How To Join Feedly Beta Channel & Get Early Access To New Features

Since Google Reader’s demise, Feedly has become the number one option for many users who consume online content from blogs and websites via RSS feeds. Although it initially worked with Google Reader accounts only, Feedly now has its own cloud servers capable of storing and managing all your RSS data, though you can still sign in and use the service via your current Google account if you want. Available for mobile, desktop and the web, Feedly has extended its services across iOS, Android, Windows and web browsers in a short time span. And starting today, the company has announced a new Beta Channel that will allow it to introduce new features to early testers, and if found useful, these features would later make their way into the stable release via future updates.

According to Feedly’s statement, the first beta features will begin rolling out very soon, in a week or two at most, and if this model is found successful on the web, the program will be extended to iOS and Android platforms as well. The beta version currently sports the same design and interface as the stable release, but works separately from it.

To join the beta program, simply head to the link provided at the end of this post and click ‘Get Started’. Existing users of the service can directly sign into the Beta, while new users must create a new Feedly account first.

How To Join Feedly Beta Group_Step 1

As of this writing, the Beta program doesn’t have any additional features that you will not find in the stable Feedly version, but Feedly plans to update users via the Feedly Beta Google+ community whenever new changes are made to the beta channel. By joining the community you will be able receive instant notifications whenever any additional features are implemented.

How To Join Feedly Beta Group_Step 2

Besides keeping a tab on new feature announcements, you can also provide suggestions on the community page about features you would like to see in future releases.

How To Join Feedly Beta Group_G  Community

The Beta channel is currently open to all users and can be joined via the link provided below.

Join Feedly Beta

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