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Video Pinner For Chrome Keep YouTube Videos In View As You Scroll Down The Comments

We’ve all been there – clicking on that YouTube link and then ending up getting caught up in clicking link after link from the suggestions and losing track of time over the next few hours. There are many reasons behind YouTube’s massive success, but when speaking of the technical side of things, it’s the company’s highly optimized streaming and presentation that keeps users hooked to the service. That said, there are still some annoying quirks with YouTube that plague the deal for us die-hard YouTubers. One such problem is when you scroll the web page to read comments posted a video, it no longer remains in view as you scroll down. So, while you may read or reply to the comments, but you won’t be able to watch the video at the same time. Video Pinner is a Chrome extension that aims to fix this issue by pinning the video to the page so it remains in view even as you scroll down.

By default, when you open a YouTube video in your web browser and scroll down to take a quick peek on comments, the video will no longer remain in view, as you’d expect. An extension like Video Pinner will prove extremely useful if you want to read comments and watch the video simultaneously. The screenshot below demonstrates the default behavior when you scroll on a video. You can see that it’s no longer in view.

Video Pinner_Disabled

To use Video Pinner, just launch your desired YouTube video first and once video playback has started, click Video Pinner’s URL bar button to activate the pinning feature. Thee is no further setting to adjust, or take the video out into a popup panel of its own – Video Pinner is just a simple extension that does what it says, and does it well.

Video Pinner_Button

Once the pinning feature is activated, just scroll down the page and you will see that the video will also scroll down along with it.

Video Pinner_Enabled

The only shortcoming I noticed in Video Pinner is that you can’t deactivate the pinning option once enabled, and the only way to disable it is by reloading the page. It would have been nice if the button served as a pinning and unpinning toggle, as sometimes you may want to deactivate pinning without having to reload the video.

In a nutshell, if you often feel the need to read comments while watching YouTube videos, this extension is for you.

Install Video Pinner from Chrome Web Store


  1. Idea: Make the video play on the side (like the new YouTube app on Android) so we can now browse the comments AND look at new videos

  2. This might have been useful before Google screwed up the commenting system by requiring people to have Google+ accounts.

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