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ManualsLib: A Massive Library To Find & Download Any Product’s Manual [Web]

If you recently bought a product and misplaced it’s manual, finding it online can be really easy with ManualsLib. This handy web application can help you save both time and effort as you browse the web to find a particular manual. ManualsLib’s database has a massive collection of PDF files for all types of products, and has a slick interface, with Popular and Last Search categories. The service is quite easy-to-use; all you have to do is enter your query in the search field and quickly find what you’re looking for. Search results include product’s name, description, model number, date, size and number of pages. Once you’ve found the manual you’re looking for, you can either read it online or download it to your local system. Moreover, these documents can be shared on various social media websites, like Facebook and Twitter. More after the jump.

The homepage comes with a search bar, Popular Manuals and Last Searches options. To start off, simply enter a query (e.g., Apple iPhone 4S) in the search field, and hit Enter. Note that you can browse manuals both by product name and brand. The service also has an instant search feature that quickly lets you select your desired product from a dropdown menu.


Each manual can either be read online or downloaded to your local system. Additionally, you will be able to share it on various social media portals, print it or send via email. The app comes with a neat layout, which allows you to read manuals in a clutter-free interface. You can switch between pages by clicking the numbered buttons from the top of the page, share pages, or embed the manual on your website or blog. Alternatively, you may navigate between different pages by clicking the Prev/Next buttons displayed at both ends of a page. As you scroll down the manual, you will find Related Manuals for other similar products.


ManualsLib’s database consists of more than 456,411 PDF files (at the time of writing), and is growing each day. The service is free and does not require any sign up. With ManualsLib, you will no longer have to click multiple links and browse a large number of websites to grab a hard-to-find manual. The only downside to the web app is that they haven’t provided categories for the type of device or even the manufacturer. It might be a plausible option to allow users to upload manuals as well since some are too old to be found easily and might not be available in the site’s database.

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