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Notes For GMail: Sticky Notes In Your Email Threads [Chrome]

Google Mail has set itself worthy as an email client for both personal and office environments. With customizations like backgrounds, themes and integrated chat facility, it has become fairly popular amongst the users. Notes for GMail is a user-friendly extension for Chrome that allows you to annotate your emails by using sticky notes within your Gmail. Although these notes are private by default, you can instantly share them on Facebook or Twitter whenever needed. It blends in with the native Gmail interface and provides the additional functionality in a useful manner, independent of your settings. Now, you can add, delete, edit and share notes from your email for better organization and management of information from within the inbox. Each one of the notes has a timestamp for easy tracking and the option to create a comment thread for the better.

The access to the web application is restricted to invitations-only, meaning that you can not download it from the Chrome Store as it is not public, yet. To use this app, click the Request an Invitation button to fill your personal details along with the relevant email id to join the queue for the app use.

Notes for Gmail Invitation Request

If Chrome does not permit you to install the extension, open the page using Tools>> Extensions menu. Once you’re here, drag the downloaded .crx file over the extensions page to install. If the Enabled option is checked, you’re ready to go.

Installation instructions - Notes for Gmail

Now, log in to your Gmail account like you usually do. A message box will appear as soon as you log in, requiring you to link the Google Account with Notes for GMail app. As soon as you finish this process, you might feel as if nothing has changed. This thought will be short-lived as soon as you open a message to see the new Add Note button.

welcome notes for gmail

Clicking Add Note allows you to type in the details for the sticky note, which will now be attached to the opened message. As soon as you press Save, a note will pin itself to the email as a reminder, whenever you come back to this message.

Edit Notes

Hover your cursor over a note, and buttons will appear above the time-stamp equipping you with edit, delete and share (via Facebook or Twitter) features. Achieve what you need with just a click.

Notes-for-GMail- Notes

All in all, Notes for Gmail is a useful addition to the rapidly developing Gmail platform. It fits in well with the interface and adds value to information leading to a more organized, productive way of managing data from within your inbox. Remember, Notes for Gmail is currently in its invitations-only phase, so you might have to wait for a while, to get access to this web app.

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  1. hope google gives this option one day. notes synced with google account would be awesome. I’m skeptical too about giving third party apps access to my account.

  2. Many issues like Privacy and Security are involved here. They can collect a lot of info about you / your mails / your contacts etc. I am skeptical of such extensions.

    • Yep, it has a reason why it’s not on the Chrome Web Store. If “closed beta” is the only valid argument, they could easily use the Web Store and limit access to the beta group. As you mentioned correctly, they have full access to the mail account, can read each and every mail, delete and edit…

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