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How To Remotely Sign Out Of Netflix

Your Netflix password can’t be changed unless you know your old password or you have access to the email associated with your account. Unfortunately, some information like your phone number and your email as well as the last four digits of your credit card are visible to anyone logged into your Netflix account. Additionally, extra users signed into your account impact the number of screens left for you to watch Netflix on. Assuming someone has access to your Netflix account when they shouldn’t, you can remotely sign out of Netflix and revoke their access to your account.

Remotely Sign Out Of Netflix

Open Netflix in your browser and sign in. Click the profile dropdown at the top right and select ‘Account’ from the menu. On the Account screen, scroll down to the Settings section and you will see an option ‘Sign out of all devices’. Click it.

The sign out can take up to 8 hours to execute across all devices but there is another pitfall here. Anyone that has access to your Netflix account can remotely sign out all devices. There is no confirmation or authentication involved whereby a user has to enter the password to authorize the change.

Once you sign out all devices, you can see a summary of your account information and again, if someone else is remotely signing you out of devices, this is dangerous. If you need to remotely sign out of Netflix, or you are signed out it’s a good idea to immediately change your password and make sure everything is still safe.

Ideally, when you remotely sign out of all devices, you should also be signed out of the device you used to initiate the remote sign out. That, or you should have to authenticate the remote sign out with your password, or a PIN code, or something.

Netflix isn’t exactly a password vault or a cloud storage service which is perhaps why it gets away with this but the billing and account information that is available to anyone signed into your account is a security risk. People normally use the same email and phone number to use different services so this exposes you to potential risks.

When we tested this feature, the remote sign out across devices was instant however, the eight hour window that Netflix asks for might have something to do with different time zones. This means that if you or whoever has access to your account is using a VPN for Netflix, or is physically in a different country or time zone, they might be able to access your account for up to eight hours after you initiate the remote sign out.

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  1. I want to set up. A new account. How do I do it.? I was on my daughter’s account but now want my own.

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