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This Chrome Extension Restricts Facebook Access Unless You Have Notifications

Given you have a web browser and a working internet connection at work, staying productive is somewhat of a challenge since there are so many ways to get distracted. What most people do, by way of a solution, is try to practice a little self control or use apps and extensions that block unproductive websites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Imgur. It’s hard to say how productivity boosting this approach is, but Facebook Nanny for Chrome handles it slightly better. Something like a Facebook blocking extension with a heart, Facebook Nanny allows you to visit Facebook only if you have notifications. You get to spend a minute for each notification you’ve received on Facebook. Other than that, you may still visit your Messages or your profile page.

Once the extension is installed, you can forget accessing your Facebook feed until you receive a notification. Facebook Nanny doesn’t prevent Facebook tabs from being opened, but the page is grayed out, and you cannot interact with it at all. Since it’s still open, you should see new notifications in the tab or in the few seconds before the page is grayed out. For each notification you get, you can spend 1 minute on Facebook and navigate to any page of your choice. As mentioned earlier, your profile page, messages, and thus, chat will still be unbarred at all times.

Facebook Nanny

Facebook Nanny is a reasonable approach to keeping you productive; unlike a totalitarian approach that completely locks you out of the website, this extension still allows you to keep up with essential Facebook activity. By blocking your feed, it stops you from commenting, liking, or just going LOL on pictures and status updates. Since you have access to your profile, you can still post an update. With Facebook being handled this well, it’s only reasonable to want to see something similar implemented for other time wasting websites like Twitter and Reddit. Though, where a similar approach can easily be adopted for Twitter, the same cannot be said for Reddit.

Facebook Nanny does not allow you to change the amount of time you’re allowed to spend on Facebook should you have a notification nor does it give you the option to allow little Facebook breaks. For those who often find themselves short on concentration, It’s probably better this way. You can install the extension by hitting up the link below.

Install Facebook Nanny from Chrome Web Store

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