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How To Snooze Emails In Gmail

The new Gmail has new features one of which is Snooze. Snooze isn’t a revolutionary feature. There are plenty of Chrome and Firefox add-ons that let you snooze Gmail alerts. Google however has made its own version of this feature and it obviously offers more control. The feature lets you selectively snooze emails in Gmail.

In order to use the new snooze feature, you need to have the new Gmail design. You can force enable it if it hasn’t already been enabled for your account. This feature is available on both the web version, and the mobile apps.

Snooze Emails In Gmail

Open Gmail and hover your mouse over an email that you want to snooze. You will see a little clock icon. Click it and you will see a few preset options for how long the email should be snoozed. You can set a custom option by clicking Pick Date and Time. You will get a calendar and a time field where you can select how long i.e. what day and at what time you want to be reminded of the message.

When an email is snoozed, it is sent to the Snooze inbox. You can go to it to view all snoozed emails, and you can select any message and unsnooze it.

Gmail Mobile Apps

This feature is available on both Android and iOS apps for Gmail. Make sure you’re running the latest version of the app.

You can snooze an email in Gmail from the main inbox, or you can open a message and snooze it from there. Open Gmail and select a message. Tap the more options button i.e., the three dots button and a menu will open. The menu will have a Snooze option. Tap it and you’ll see a few preset time intervals and, as is with the web interface, you can select a custom time period to snooze the email.

Once snoozed, the message will move to the Snooze tab where you can view it, and unsnooze it if you want.

Snooze mutes Gmail’s reminders that you need to follow up on a message. It also removes that message from your inbox. When the snooze period expires, you get a new alert for that message telling you that you have a message that needs to be answered.

The snooze applies to the message thread so if you get a new message on the same subject from the same recipient, you will not be alerted to it. It goes without saying that you ought to use the snooze feature with caution.

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