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Sun365: Gorgeous Chrome Weather Extension That Integrates With Google, Facebook & Other Sites

There are a ton of weather extensions available for Chrome, and we’ve covered quite a lot of them in the past but if you’re looking for something different altogether, Sun365 is a gorgeous option that presents weather information in the most fascinating of ways. Accessible via its icon beside the URL bar, Sun365 lets you view each and every detail regarding the weather conditions in your vicinity, complete with temperature, wind chill, UV index, and other meteorological data. And it’s highly customizable too, letting you personalize various aesthetic elements to your liking. Details to follow.

Upon first run, the extension should automatically detect your location but if the identified location is not accurate (as was the case during my own testing), you can simply type in your city name to manually search for it. The best bit about Sun365 is the way it presents the data, sprucing everything up with beautiful landscape images fetched from Flickr and various other sources. You can also set it to automatically rotate the background upon every launch, as well as customize UI elements of the dashboard.


Sun365 can also synchronize the location information and other pertaining details across multiple installations of Chrome with the extension installed. To do that, however, you will need to sign into the service using your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Yahoo, Weibo or QQ account.

Clicking the ‘Dashboard’ button at the bottom of the window brings up the settings console, letting you configure a myriad of options. Here, you can easily change temperature unit, icon style, font, wind velocity unit, theme, image, and font style. The current weather information can also be instantly shared on a truckload of social media services such Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Tumblr and LinkedIn, among many more.


Another interesting feature of the extension is its ability to display current temperature, including high and low readings, along the top menus of major websites including Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Bing, LinkedIn and Flickr. You can toggle the sites for which to display weather information from the settings menu.


Sun365 gives you a glimpse of 10-day weather forecast, in addition to in-depth information for the next 18 hours from the current time. Besides your present vicinity, you can quickly access weather info for major cities in the world. It plots the data in an integrated map, letting you quickly jump from location to location in an instant.


All in all, Sun365 is one of the most beautiful and highly functional weather extensions for Chrome I’ve ever come across. And being available for free makes it even all the more interesting.

Install Sun365 from Chrome Store

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