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How To Take Back A Friend Request On Facebook

You can send a friend request to other people on Facebook. It is up to other person to accept it and sometimes, they just let friend requests sit. This means your request is still pending; it’s there and it’s not going to be accepted. In such cases, you have the option to take back a friend request. You might have decided that you’re tired of waiting for your ‘friend’ to accept the request, and you’d like to rescind the invitation.

Take Back A Friend Request

Visit Facebook on your desktop browser. Click the Friend request button at the top right, and in the menu that open, click ‘See all’ at the bottom. This will take you to a list of all your pending friend requests. There’s an option on this page called ‘View sent requests’. Click it.

You will see all the people you’ve sent a friend request to. Hover the mouse over the ‘Friend Request Sent’ button and a menu will open. In the menu, click the ‘Cancel Request’ option.

On the Facebook apps, and go to the hamburger tab i.e., the one with the three lines icon. Scroll down and tap Friends. The Friends screen has tabs of its own. Go to the Outgoing tab. The Outgoing tab will list all the people you’ve sent friend requests to. Tap the ‘undo’ button under a request to take it back.

The person you sent the friend request to won’t know you took it back unless they compulsively check their pending friend requests to see who’s on it, and they notice one request is gone. If you send them a request again, they will be notified of the new request which means they will be able to work out what happened with the original request if they remember that you sent it before.

We should warn you not to abuse the feature. It’s fine to want to take a friend request back if it’s been sitting too long but to use the feature to repeatedly remind someone they have a friend request from you isn’t a good idea and probably borders on crazy. It might even be illegal in some countries but that’s just a guess. If you keep revoking and re-sending a friend request, it’s possible the person you send the request to will report you to Facebook or Facebook will take notice and maybe ban your account.

On that same note, if you’re tired of getting friend requests from someone, just block them.

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