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How To View More Suggestion In The Chrome Address Bar

When you start typing in the Chrome address bar, it shows you suggestions that match what you’ve typed so far. These suggestions are pulled from your browsing history and your bookmarks. They save you time you’d otherwise spend typing something in all over again. By default, you only see 4 – 6 matches which may not be enough. Here’s how you can increase the number of suggestions in the Omnibar in Chrome.

Suggestions In Chrome Address Bar

You can view up to 12 suggested items in the Chrome address bar aka Omnibar. This will include suggestions from your bookmarks library and your history. You can also disable the suggestions in the Omnibar altogether. All this requires tweaking a Chrome flag.

Paste the following in the address bar in Chrome and tap Enter.


Open the dropdown next to this flag and choose how many suggested items you want to see in the Chrome address bar. If you want to disable the suggestions altogether, select the Disable option. You can get 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 matches for whatever you type in address bar. After you select an option from the dropdown, relaunch Chrome.

The next time you type in the address bar, you will see a longer list of suggestions pulled from your browsing history and bookmarks library.

If you want to disable suggestions from your bookmarks library and only get suggestions from your browsing history, you have to disable the “Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar” option in Chrome’s settings. It is under Chrome Settings>Show Advanced Settings>Privacy.

If you want to disable suggestions from your browsing history, you’ll have to delete your history. The only alternative is to disable suggestions in the Chrome address bar. You can’t limit the address bar to just show you suggestions from your bookmarks library and omit matches from your browsing history.

This Chrome flag is an old one but it was removed for a while. Users who often tinker with Chrome flags might remember this old hack and the fact that it was removed. Google decided to add it back in at some point. It’s still there in Chrome 64, the current stable version of the browser. That also means that it can be removed again which is a problem with any flag that you tweak.

Chrome flags are, as the Flags page states, experimental features. They’re here one day, and gone the next.

If you disable and enable suggestions, the change takes affect right away. The information is always there and the flag only allows or disallows Chrome to use it.

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