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6Sec Is A Full-Featured Windows Phone Vine App With Upload Capability

If the name 6sec sounds a bit familiar to you, it might be because this unofficial Vine app has been in the works for quite some time. For the past few months, 6sec has even been available as a private beta, and might have stayed that way for a bit longer, had Nokia not forced the developer’s hand by announcing that the official Vine app for Windows Phone is coming soon. Before Vine officially arrived on Android, that platform had some third-party clients of the service as well, but we can safely say that none of them were as comprehensive and well-designed as 6sec for WP8. The app doesn’t differ from the iOS version of Vine a great deal, both in terms of layout and features. The 6sec camera offers focus, support for front and rear cams, and the ability to overlay the capture screen with a grid. You can post, like, comment, re-vine and do just about anything the official Vine app lets you do.

6Sec WP8 Options 6Sec WP8 Feed 6Sec WP8 Explore

6sec is pretty thorough, and even lets users sign up for Vine right from within the app. If you are an existing user though, simply login from the welcome screen with your email address and password. The app displays a few basic instructions when it is launched for the first time, but if you have used Vine on any other platform before, using 6sec shouldn’t be much of an issue. The app’s interface is easy to understand, and offers almost all the features that are available in Vine for iOS and Android. The main screen shows your personal feed, including posts from people you follow on Vine. Each Vine starts playing automatically when you scroll to it, and you can manually control playback by tapping the preview once. Swipe across a post for the ‘like’, ‘revine’ and commenting options. For vines posted by you, the option to remove them can be found in this same menu.

To browse through posts from different categories or vines that are trending on the service right now, head to the bottom menu and tap ‘Explore’. The layout of this page is almost identical to the real thing in Vine, with categories like ‘Comedy’, Cats’, ‘Family’, etc. all present. In addition to browsing, users can also perform searches for people or tags on Vine.

6Sec WP8 Camera 6Sec WP8 Preview 6Sec WP8 Post

The capture screen in 6sec is pretty decent. You can toggle focus mode, or show/hide a grid to get some assistance while shooting. Control for camera flash and switching between front and rear lenses is available as well. Recording takes place whenever you tap and hold the preview area of the capture screen. Enter the option menu if you want to remove the last frame from the vine. To make sure everything is alright before posting, 6sec displays the entire vine once the capture is complete. To make the experience complete, users get to add a caption, category and their current location to the post as well.

6sec is a free app, but you can upload only two vines without making an in-app purchase. Fortunately though, the purchase is just worth $1.49 (+tax) and is one-off. So, if you want to know what all the hubbub about Vine is, give 6sec a shot. The app only works with WP8 devices, and can be found at the link below.

Install 6sec from Windows Phone Store

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