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6tag Is A Windows Phone 8 Instagram Client With Video Upload Support

Instagram might still be the Holy Grail of Windows Phone apps but with the release of WP8, developers have finally started coming up with alternatives to the official client of the service. Instagraph, Instance (formerly Itsdagram), and Hipstamatic all offer Instagram uploading right from your Windows Phone, so it might look like 6tag has arrived a little late to the party. However, the app does have an ace up its sleeve that isn’t yet offered by any other third-party Instagram client we’ve seen for the platform: video upload capability! 6tag has been released by the same developer who came up with 6sec, so the two apps have some similarities, especially in the UI department. The photo effects and camera on offer are quite decent as well, while you can also perform tasks like leaving comments and likes on posts from people you follow on Instagram.

6tag WP8 Search 6tag WP8 Settings

There is no feature of Instagram that you won’t find in 6tag, which becomes evident right from the app’s welcome screen where there are both login and sign up options available for users. There is a short tutorial to help you get started, but 6tag isn’t too complicated and you shouldn’t have any trouble using it even if you skip the initial instructions.

As can be expected, the main page in 6tag displays posts from people you are following on Instagram. You can also hit the search button from the bottom bar and start looking for posts belonging to particular keywords. As mentioned earlier, both photos and videos can be uploaded with the app, and the videos on your timeline start playing automatically every time you scroll to them. This setting can be changed, however, from the app’s ‘General’ options menu. Other entries in that list can be used to enable/disable the app’s live tile, automatic saving of shared photos, and display of progress bar on videos.

6tag WP8 Post 6tag WP8 Post Options

Each post displayed by 6tag comes with feedback stats at its bottom. To leave a comment of your own, simply swipe across the post. From the resulting menu, in addition to commenting, it is also possible to view and leave likes, repost the photo, head to the poster’s profile, or download the media (if the post was your own).

6tag WP8 Camera 6tag WP8 Edit 6tag WP8 Share

The camera in 6tag is quite similar to the official Instagram one. You can switch between photo and video modes by swiping across the screen, while going to the extreme right opens the gallery. In the photo editor, you’ll find filters, a crop button, and controls for blurring and changing the contrast of the photo. Finished posts can be added to the photo map or posted simultaneously to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.

6tag is a free app, although you do have to spend a few bucks if you want to remove the ads. Also, only one video upload is available for free, and more have to be unlocked via a one-time in-app purchase.

Install 6tag from Windows Phone Store


  1. 6tag was reported to have serious security issues, transmitting user credentials in the plain text and storing them (and the videos) for undetermined amount of time. Combined with lack of published privacy policy… Just Google it.

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