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AUPEO! Radio: Intelligent Music Discovery & Streaming For Windows Phone

Fans of music streaming services and online radios have got access to a few decent apps on Windows Phone 7, but the absence of giants like Pandora means that the Mango platform still has a long way to go. Having said that, another way of looking at the situation could be that the Marketplace has a vacuum that can be filled by any good app released for music streaming and song discovery. Many people are already saying that AUPEO! Radio can prove to be the app that makes all Windows Phone users forget all Pandora. For one thing, AUPEO is not limited to US only, and works around the world. In addition to that, you don’t need to sign up for any account if you want to stream music. The app supports an amazing number of genres and subcategories, and if you like any song in the radio, you can purchase it for offline playback via Amazon store. AUPEO! is intelligent enough to learn from your music history, and will play songs according to your taste after a while.

AUPEO! Radio Reccomendations AUPEO! Radio Genres AUPEO! Radio My Radio

If you don’t want to sign up for an AUPEO account, just launch the app and select a music genre from the menu titled Start with. As soon as a music category is selected, AUPEO! Radio will start playing songs from the selected genre. The listed genres include Blues, Classical, Rock, Pop and Jazz among others. Like all good Mango apps dealing with music, AUPEO supports background play, and the current track can be controlled from the volume bar. In case you do want an AUPEO account, you can sign up from within the app in 3 simple steps (just provide your email ID, and choose a new username and password). Creating an AUPEO account will help you keep track of your streaming history, and you will also be able to purchase songs more easily. The Recommended section of the app lists all the artists featured by AUPEO, and if you did not choose a genre at the start of the app, you can choose it from here after signing up. It is possible to search for an artist, or for songs belonging to a particular genre. Your streaming history will be used by AUPEO! Radio to populate the My Radio section of the app, which plays the songs that match your taste.

AUPEO! Radio Player AUPEO! Radio Tuner AUPEO! Radio Settings

If you are thinking that the genres used by AUPEO Radio are rather broad, the tuner button located in the bottom bar of the app’s music player is just the thing you need. Thanks to tuner, you can select from among several subcategories of the currently selected genre. You can browse through the subcategories by style and by mood. The playlist is updated immediately after you make the choice. The music player in the AUPEO app is not too cluttered with unnecessary options. You can skip a song, ban it, pause it or add it to your favorites from the options available at the top of the screen. If you come across a track that makes you fall in love with it, hit the buy button from the bottom bar and purchase the song from Amazon store so that you can listen to it any time you want.

From the Settings menu of AUPEO! Radio, users get the option to set a sleep timer that will close the app automatically after a predefined time period. Other entries in the Settings menu let you make the choice between sound quality and streaming speed, and you can also select the volume level for the app. AUPEO! Radio is available as a free app, and if you are looking for a nice music streaming app for your Mango phone, this app is sure to do the trick.

Download AUPEO! Radio for Windows Phone

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  1. this looks to be a brilliant APP! I installed it an it looks real nice and play well. I hope it is also good in keepin the connection and keeps a buffer. I think it will replace the nokia app soundtracker and also spotify.

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