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Browse Twitter #music On Windows Phone & Download Track Previews As Ringtones With #trending

For some reason, Twitter chose to make their new #music service really tough to access, with iOS being the only smartphone platform having an official client for it. Even Android has been ignored so far, which means there is little chance of #music appearing in the WP Store for a long time. Apart from lack of support for various platforms, there are also a bunch of region restrictions that have so far limited the availability of #music to only a lucky few users when seen at a global scale. Despite all these adversities, a Windows Phone developer has somehow managed to bring an unofficial #music client to WP7 and WP8. #trending displays the latest charts from #music, keeping users in the loop regarding the tracks gaining popularity on Twitter. You can listen to a 30-second snippet of all the listed songs, and even download these samples as ringtones for your device.

#trending WP Home #trending WP Options

#trending doesn’t have account support, which is understandable since Twitter hasn’t opened the service for third-party apps to connect to via any official API. Though this means the app is ready to be used as soon as you launch it. The default page displays the ‘Popular’ chart from #music. The page is ranked exactly like its counterpart on #music (yes, we cross-checked) and displays the Twitter handle of the artists, song name and the actual name of the singer. To switch to the ‘Emerging’ chart, hit the graph icon located in the bottom bar. The layout of both charts is identical, and the difference lies in the content.

#trending WP NowPlay #trending WP Queue #trending WP Ringtone

Whenever you tap a track on one of the charts in #trending, all the options dealing with the song show up at the bottom of the screen. If you want to listen to a sample of the song (generally half a minute in duration), hit ‘Play’. The ‘playing’ screen has a seek bar, along with other playback controls at the bottom. Album art and some extra information accompany the track as well. All songs played in #trending are part of a queue, so you can keep listening to samples from a particular chart after playing just one song from it. To listen to the entire song, there are two options. You can either purchase the track from the WP Store, or use the developer’s SKY MUSIC app to find a free copy of it.

A really interesting feature of #trending is that users can get free ringtones from it. Any song listed in the app’s chart can be saved to your device as a ringtone simply by hitting the appropriate button from the bottom bar.

#trending has both free and paid ($1.99) versions, with ads being the only difference between the two. Give it a go to find out what all the rage is about #music.

Download #trending For Windows Phone

Download #trending (free) For Windows Phone

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