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Contacts Share: Send & Receive vCards On Nokia Windows Phone Devices

The Lumia series has got a nice mix of Nokia-exclusive apps, and fortunately not all those apps are about glitz and glamor. The Finnish mobile manufacturer appears to be taking user convenience pretty seriously as well. It is good to remember that no matter how many awesome features your Mango phone gets, it still has to perform the basic functions of an ordinary phone. One such everyday functionality is quick transfer and sharing of contacts. Although it is possible to copy any data from the People hub manually, this is not as efficient as sending a vCard to someone. This is why Nokia has come up with the new Contacts Share app in the Nokia Marketplace. The app imports all the data from the People hub, and using it you will be able to create .VCF files and send them via email or SMS to anyone. Other than that, the app also handles the vCards you receive via text messages, and lets you export them to the People hub.

Nokia Contact Share Nokia Contact Share Card Nokia Contact Share SMS

You don’t have to import the contacts in your People hub manually to the Contacts Share app, and all of them will be visible automatically in the Share menu of the app. Just like the stock arrangement of contacts in WP7, the Contacts Share app lists all the names in alphabetical order. To send a vCard for any person, just look for their entry in the Share list. The next step is to choose the information that you want to add to the vCard. Contacts Share has amazingly thorough options in this regard, and you can select/deselect anything from a contact’s photo to his or her name and other credentials. Once you are satisfied with the vCard you have just created, you are ready to send it to anyone. There are 3 methods that can be used to send vCards; you can either send them via email or Outlook, or there is the most useful option of SMS sharing.

Nokia Contact Share Received Cards Nokia Contact Share Received

The Received section in Contacts Share is there to handle .VCF files received from feature phones via SMS. By default, it is possible to receive vCards in WP7 via email, but if the share is through SMS, you won’t be able to open it. Contacts Share displays all vCards that you get via text messages within the app, and you can add them to the People hub with a single tap. It is also possible to choose the data that you want to export to the contacts area of your phone.

Contacts Share is a free app, and available for Nokia WP7 devices only. The app might not work if your phone hasn’t been updated to Tango yet. You can grab the app by clicking the following link from your Tango Nokia phone.

Download Contacts Share for Windows Phone (Nokia Only)

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