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Create Your Own Games On Windows Phone With CYG

A glance at the Windows Phone Store should be enough to tell you that most of the games it holds are very simple. Just because a game does not have life-like graphics, or complicated gameplay, it might not necessarily be boring. After all, you can’t be in the mood for Call of Duty or PES 13 all the time. If you son’t have any experience with programming, you might be a bit awed by the amount of effort even the smallest of apps require on the developer’s part. Create Your Game (CYG) is a Windows Phone app that’s bent on proving that anyone can develop games for the platform, without any knowledge of programming whatsoever! You won’t even need to be near your computer to do so, as it lets you create working games completely on your Windows Phone. Admittedly, the games won’t be too complex, but the thrill of controlling every aspect of the game’s environment and controls makes the whole thing very worthwhile.

Create Your Game WP7 Home Create Your Game WP7 Games Create Your Game WP7 FlowChart

To ease you into the experience, Create Your Game comes preloaded with a few example games. You can play these short games before taking a look at their flowcharts. Flowcharts are what makes the CYG world go round. All the users have to do is define different nodes in the flowchart, set appropriate parameters and start playing. The Help section in the app is a great place to start learning. We are sure that a diligent study of the helping material for half an hour should make you an expert in Create Your Game’s flowchart manipulation.

Choosing Simple Flowchart from the Select Game menu should prove to be a good first choice. Hit the Edit Game button from the main screen and you will be able to see the selected game’s flowchart. The best way to understand the whole mess is to ignore the colored lines and arrows completely and concentrate just on the white ones. If you have a programming background, it will certainly help you in understanding the flowchart, but even if you are new to all this, you should be able to figure it out after a while.

Create Your Game WP7 Options Create Your Game WP7 Parameters Create Your Game WP7 Texture

To zoom in to any part of the chart, swipe your finger across the bottom of the screen (between the two arrows). If you zoom in enough, you will be able to see the parameters written inside each box. To change the position or connection of a node, you will have to enter Edit Title mode. The other mode, Edit Params, lets you make changes to the values assigned to the nodes. Hitting the Add button will open a new panel that lists all available operations and UI elements. UI elements or tangible objects can be edited by hitting their preview in the top-right corner of the node. Users can choose any color (or create their own by defining custom RGB values), and then finger-paint the circle or square to give it a makeover. There are so many parameters and actions available in Create Your Game that we can’t possibly name them all here.

A true stroke of genius by CYG’s developer is the way games can be shared with other Windows Phone users. The app exports user-created games as JPEG images to your Pictures hub, which can then be shared with others via mail or any other means. Recipients can then open these images within their copy of CYG to edit or play them!

Create Your Game is a free app. Although the app itself is not a game by any means, it will still appear in the Xbox Live hub. A lot of people are sure to find CYG a little too complicated for their liking, and honestly, its interface could have been loads better, but if you are determine to create a game that you can call your own, we can assure you that you won’t regret downloading the app.

Download Create Your Game For Windows Phone

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