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Easily Convert MP3, WMV & M4A Songs To Ringtones On Nokia Lumia

Just a few days back we discussed #trending, a Windows Phone app that lets you get ringtones of your favorite songs from Twitter’s new music discovery service, among other things. While ringtones were just one feature in the #trending app, Windows Phone has had plenty of other apps that focused solely on loading your phone with tons of free ringtones. Trying to find readymade ringtones can be a bit tough though, since you might not be able to find the right tone of your favorite song despite having it in your music library. If you are really desperate for it, there is the possibility of exporting the music file to your computer, and then cutting it to an appropriate length using a desktop tool of your choice. Thankfully, users of Lumia devices have a much easier solution to this problem. The Nokia Ringtone Maker has been around for quite a while, but the beta of its latest version has taken the app to a whole new level. The app can now handle several file formats, rather than just MP3.

Ringtone Maker Beta WP8 Home Ringtone Maker Beta WP8 Edit

Ringtone Maker only allows its user to create tones out of DRM-free music, and a warning to that effect is shown clearly on the app’s welcome screen. Using the app is really easy; all you need are some songs of your choice in the phone’s music library. To get started, hit the ‘pick a song’ button, which takes users to a list of all the compatible songs available in their collection. The app is capable of creating ringtones out of MP3, MWA, M4A, WMA and ACC files.

Once a track has been selected, trimming it down is as easy as just flicking through the editing screen. The value on the left represents the start time for the tune, while the other one indicates the point where it ends. Ringtones can’t be any longer than 30 seconds, and that’s the editing frame you get. The length of the frame can be reduced though, by dragging the dots to a new position. To ensure that the right parts get included in the tone, users have the option to listen to the ringtone before actually hitting the save button.

Ringtone Maker Beta WP Save Ringtone Maker Beta WP8 Success

The tones you want to save to the device can be renamed, and it is also possible to set one as your default ringtone right from within Ringtone Maker. The app offers to let you start a new editing session once you are done with creating one ringtone.

Ringtone Maker’s new version is still in its beta testing phase, and users have to sign up for a free Nokia account if they want access to it. To register, and get the app, head to the following link from your Lumia phone.

Download Ringtone Maker Beta For Windows Phone

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