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Free Up Space On Windows Phone 8 By Clearing Cache With Shrink Storage

No matter how good your smartphone is, storage space is bound to become an issue sooner or later. Windows Phone 8 is certainly an improvement over its older counterparts, but there are a few weird issues with it as well. With storage being such a valuable commodity in devices without SD card slots, WP8 annoys its users by inexplicably filling up the space over time. We are not talking about the apps and media that you voluntarily add to your device, or even the app data that gets accumulated due to your use; there is a section by the name of ‘Other’ in the storage details, and this part of memory contains junk files that can reach a considerable size with the passage of time. There is no built-in way of cleaning this useless cache manually, but Shrink Storage is an app that offers a clever way of getting around this problem, giving its users some extra storage space on their WP8 device in just a few steps.

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Since Shrink Storage is available in the WP Store as an ordinary app, there shouldn’t be any reason for you to lose your data or end up with a damaged device. The app takes a very simple approach towards the tricky problem of clearing WP8’s cache. The fact around which Shrink Storage has been designed is that the OS only clears its cache when it has reached its maximum capacity. So, the cache is filled by the app, thereby prompting WP8 to free some extra space for you. Ingenious, isn’t it?

To use Shrink Storage, launch the app and hit the ‘Fill Phone Storage’ button. You will have to wait for several minutes while the app stuffs your phone’s cache to its limit. During this process, you might receive alerts like ‘Windows Phone is running out of storage space’. Just dismiss these messages and don’t exit the app. Once Shrink Storage finally shows the alert that your phone’s storage has been filled successfully, you are ready for the next step.

Next, restart your device and tap the ‘Clean Phone Storage’ button. Let Shrink Storage work its magic once again, and as soon as the ‘Allocated Phone storage released’ message shows up, you are done.

The developer of the app has admitted that Shrink Storage might not work for everyone, and users have provided mixed feedback as well, with results varying from no effect at all to freeing of more than 1GB of space. The app is free, and doesn’t have any negative effects to speak of, so there’s nothing to lose here. Give it a try by heading to WP Store link provided below, and see how it works out for you.

Download Shrink Storage For Windows Phone 8

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