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Itsdagram Is A Neat Instagram Client For WP8 With Upload Capability

Apps like Metrogram and InstaCam were the only way for Windows Phone users to get a taste of Instagram on their devices, until recently. While both these apps look great and have some nice features, they can never be true alternatives to an official Instagram client, since you cannot upload photos to your account using them. In a bid to get the official Instagram app on WP8, Nokia even came out with the #2InstaWithLove campaign, but that hasn’t done much good so far. Things took a turn for the better recently though, when Instagraph was released. The app was the first for WP8 to offer the ability to upload photos to Instagram. People might have been content with it, but competition makes everything better, so it is good to see that another app with support for uploads has appeared in the WP Store. Itsdagram has a really neat interface, which resembles Instagram’s UI on other platforms. The app offers a variety of filters and account management options, and unlike Instagraph, has a free trial version.

Itsdagram WP Home Itsdagram WP Popular Itsdagram WP Settings

Despite the fact that the Itsdagram welcome screen asks users to sign in with their Itsdagram account, you just have to enter your Instagram credentials to get started. The ‘Home’ section of the app displays an endless feed of updates from people you follow. You can like or leave comments on each post without having to navigate away from the main page, just like Instagram. Swiping to the right brings up the ‘Popular’ grid, and the section next to it displays the activity notifications related to your account.

Itsdagram supports notifications, but they might reach you with a delay of up to 30 minutes. In order to activate live tiles and notifications, you have to head to the app’s settings and enable ‘Background Updates’.

Itsdagram WP Timeline Itsdagram WP Filters Itsdagram WP Upload

When it comes to uploads, which is the main feature of Itsdagram, you can only post one photo to test thing out, if you are using the app’s trial version. The filters available in the app are a bit different from the ones that come with Instagram, at least in terms of names. Each filter can be previewed by tapping it once, and the photo isn’t really altered until you hit the ‘next’ button, just the way it is in Instagram’s official apps. The upload screen allows users to add a description and mentions to the photo.

Itsdagram fetches for $1.49, but the trial version can be used indefinitely if you don’t intend to upload photos. WP8 has other Instagram clients, but there can be no doubting that Itsdagram resembles the official app most closely. Give the app a go by heading to link provided below.

Download Itsdagram For Windows Phone

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  1. i just purchased this app – it wont let me register an account, when i hit send nothing happens…
    – wtf – can anyone help?

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