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Juice Brings Its Habit-Moulding Tips To Windows Phone

On a new platform that desperately needs popular apps to stay alive, genres like lifestyle and games can end up getting ignored to a large extent. Windows Phone is catching up with its competitors if you look at app categories like photography and navigation, but there aren’t many options in the WP Store if you want to get motivated. iOS has apps like Alpha Goals, while Android’s ididit! serves a similar purpose. Both these apps, however, aren’t particularly good-looking, and their interface isn’t enough to keep a lot of users coming back for more. Juice, on the other hand, is pretty effective, and ensures that anyone can use it effortlessly to stick to healthy life choices. The app was previously around for iOS and Android, but has now been released for WP8 as well.

Juice WP8 Juice WP8 Meter Juice WP8 Ingredients

Although Juice for WP8 is great, one can’t help but feel that the app misses out on utilizing some of the features that make Windows Phone great. There is no functional live tile for the app, and the interface doesn’t seem to be any different from the app’s iPhone counterpart at all. Like the iOS app, Juice for WP8 starts by showing a login screen. If you are an existing Mindbloom user, there is no need to register for a new account. Once logged in, a graphical tutorial is shown to familiarize users with he app.

In order to log your overall energy for the day, head to the ‘Rate My Energy’ view of the bottle and swipe vertically to change the level of liquid shown inside the bottle. Juice also adjusts this rating automatically if you tinker with the ingredients. These ingredients include sleep, exercise and nutrition. More categories can be added to the mix as well.

Juice WP8 Exercise Juice WP8 Stats

The ingredients screen can be used to store the general state of your activities, while the ‘My Notes’ tab can come in handy if you want to save some additional information about your day. The ‘My Stats’ screen makes Juice really helpful for people who like to get a graphical view of their progress.

Juice WP8 Tip List Juice WP8 Tip Juice WP8 Tip Info

As a life tracker, Juice is pretty great, but the app also offers some handy tips on a variety of subjects. If a tip asks you do some physical activity, it is also possible to create a reminder out of it. These tips can be shared via Facebook and email as well.

Juice is a free app, and works only with Windows Phone 8 devices. Give it a go by going to the following link.

Download Juice For Windows Phone

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