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Kaliki For Nokia WP Devices Brings Audio News From Various Sources

News apps are nothing new for Windows Phone 7, and there is even a category for news + weather in the Marketplace. The profusion of news apps for Mango means that there needs to be something really special about an app to make it a favorite among WP7 users. Kaliki is a new Lumia-exclusive app that is not a conventional news aggregator, although it might look like one on the surface. Kaliki has categories for all news items that might interest an average user, but instead of providing you with written news articles, the app features professionally recorded audio clips for all news stories. This can be really helpful if you are driving (or doing something else) and just want to listen to all the best news items and articles.

Kaliki Nokia WP7 Kaliki News Kaliki Clip

Using the app is really simple, and it has neat categories for all news genres. You don’t need to go through any account set up or other configuration steps in order to use Kaliki. Everything is ready to roll as soon as you launch the app for the first time. We have to admit that the number of sources listed in each Kaliki category isn’t too impressive, but you will still be able to find all the major stories floating around the internet in there. The News section of the app includes CNN, New York Times, Time, USA Today and The Huffington Post as sources. Other categories of the app do not have as many sources, but they still have enough to keep you occupied for a good part of your morning each day. Here is a list of all the categories included in the Kaliki app for now.

  • News
  • Sports (NYT Sports, USA Today Sports and AFP)
  • Lifestyle (Rolling Stone, TV Guide, Traveler, Men’s Fitness and Country Weekly)
  • Celeb (People, OK! and Star)
  • Fashion/ Beauty (Glamour, Style.com and Shape)
  • Sci/ Tech (Wired and Popular Science)
  • Finance (WSJ and Reuters)

Inside each source’s dedicated menu, you will be able to view a list of all the items currently available for streaming. The audio clips cannot be downloaded, and you will have to be online in order to listen to the news stories. To forward a clip, you can scrub the status slider to any desired location, while the next and previous buttons will take you to the neighboring items in the same category. Of course, the app supports background play, so feel free to navigate away from Kaliki while listening to a news recording.

Kaliki can get even better if the content inside the app is updated a bit more regularly, as the current items are a bit old, giving the app a neglected feel. For now, the app is available for Lumia devices only, and you can grab it for free by clicking the following link via your Nokia WP7.

Download Kaliki for Windows Phone (Nokia only)

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