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Keep Wifi Alive Makes Sure That Your Windows Phone Remains Connected To The Internet All The Time

Quite like iOS, Windows Phone also disables Wi-Fi if your phone remains in sleep mode for more than a few minutes. While this measure is useful for battery conservation, it can get a bit annoying if you have a download going on in the background, or if you don’t want to miss an important push notification. For iOS users having jailbroken devices, Insomnia is one tweak that never lets the WiFi go to sleep. Finally, the Windows Phone 7 community has got exactly the same option, thanks to Keep Wifi Alive. This new Homebrew will keep your WP7’s Wi-Fi connection active for as long as you want. The app takes advantage of the fact that the Mango platform does not kill the WiFi connection, even when in lockscreen, as long as you are streaming some audio file from the internet. So, Keep Wifi Alive streams a blank audio file continuously, making sure your connectivity is never lost.

Keep Wifi Alive WP7 Keep Wifi Alive Notification Keep Wifi Alive Agent

One of the best things about Keep Wifi Alive is the fact that you don’t need an interop unlocked device or root privileges in order to use the Homebrew. The ability to side-load apps on your WP7 will suffice for Keep Wifi Alive. Once you have installed the XAP file on your developer unlocked device, just run the app and read the instructions listed on its main screen. There is just one button in the Homebrew, and it is labeled Keep my WiFi alive from now. The main purpose of the app is to keep Wi-Fi running when you are in lockscreen, so that your downloads don’t get disturbed and you continue receiving notifications from apps. Having said that, there is a big drawback if you are using Keep Wifi Alive. As the Homebrew relies on an audio background agent, you might disturb it if any music is played while the app is running. Other than that, Keep Wifi Alive drains the battery of your device much faster than usual (but that has to be expected from such an app).

There are a couple of ways of disabling a Keep Wifi Alive session. You can either choose to manually toggle off the Wi-Fi connection from your phone’s Settings menu, or there is the option to simply kill the audio agent from the volume bar (hit the volume button, and then the pause one from the Now Playing menu). So, if you like getting notifications on the go, and want to take full control of your Wi-Fi connection, do give Keep Wifi Alive a try. It is available as a free download at the source link provided below.

[via XDA Forum Thread]


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