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Lock Manager Adds Info-Rich Widgets To The Windows Phone Lock Screen

Lock Widgets for WP8, and LW2 before it have managed to demonstrate that a Windows Phone’s lock screen has the potential of housing a lot of useful stats and information related to the device. Thanks to these widgets, users get to view the remaining battery percentage, weather information and some other useful tidbits without even unlocking their phone. Lock Manager is a new WP8 app that might not appear too different from Lock Widgets at first glance, but it offers way more customization, and the widgets it features are pretty decent as well. With Lock Manager, the displayed information isn’t limited to just system stats and weather, and you also get to view your pending reminders and upcoming appointments from the calendar. As the background for this data, Lock Manager allows users to set up slideshows or load the Bing Daily wallpaper.

Lock Manager WP8 Background Lock Manager WP8 Weather Lock Manager WP8 Appointments

Lock Manager is divided into several sections, most dealing with different genres of widgets to be placed on the lock screen. For weather, you can manually choose your city or let the app show stats based on the device’s GPS data. Switching from Fahrenheit scale to Celsius is possible as well. The weather information is accompanied by an icon, depicting the condition of the sky outside. The weather image theme can be changed as well.

When it comes to events, Lock Manager is capable of handling appointments from the calendar as well as reminders from within the app. It is up to the user to choose the number of events that should be displayed on the lock screen. The reminders have to be written in one of the four text fields available in Lock Manager.

Lock Manager WP8 Lock Screen Lock Manager WP8 Live Tile

For tinkering with the visual aspects of the lock screen, Lock Manager offers the ‘background’ section. If you want to apply a solid color instead of a wallpaper, just take your pick and hit ‘save’. Other options include choosing a photo from the camera roll or setting up a slideshow. A rather hassle-free alternative to all this can be going for the Bing Daily option and getting a fresh lock screen background without having to do anything yourself.

Lock Manager isn’t limited to just the lock screen; it can be pinned to the Start screen as a live tile as well. The live tile displays weather stats, battery status and your pending reminders. The app can be quite useful, although one can’t help but feel that there is room for a few more sections in it, and perhaps we will start seeing them in future updates. Lock Manager costs $0.99, though there is a free trial that features ads and can be used indefinitely without any other restrictions.

Install Lock Manager from Windows Phone Store

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