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Markets & Me: Keep An Eye On The Stock Market & Manage Your Shares [WP7]

Maybe there is no specific reason for the phenomenon, but the finance-related apps in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace are a class of their own, especially with respect to quality. The likes of WSJ Live (review) and IntelliStocks (review) have already been covered by us, but Markets & Me is a Mango app that takes comprehensiveness to the next level. The app serves the dual purpose of keeping its users apprised of the latest situation in the stock market (just about all major markets are supported), and letting them manage their own portfolio(s). You don’t need separate news and financial management apps any more; if anything is related to the stock exchange, Markets & Me has got you covered. Read on to learn more about this awesomely through app for WP7 devices.

Markets & Me Search Markets & Me Watchlist Markets & Me Currencies

Here is a breakdown of all the features offered by Markets & Me.

  • Search: Users can get a full view of any company’s stock market position by looking it up via the search menu of the app. The search textbox supports autosuggestions, and is intelligent enough to recognize both share symbols and company names.
  • Watchlist: This section of the app can be useful for keeping an eye on the progress of all the shares that are of interest to you, but haven’t enticed you enough to invest in them. You can even set target-based alerts for each share, so that whenever the shares reach a certain price, Markets & Me can notify you straight away.
  • Currencies: All the major currencies are listed in this menu, showcasing their position in relation to the Dollar. Users can browse through currencies based on their region or country.

Markets & Me Shares Markets & Me News Markets & Me Hub

  • Company Pages: Markets & Me dedicates a specific section to each company that holds shares in any of the major markets. On a share’s page you can view a graphical chart of its progress, along with other relevant stats like current price, market cap, target yield, etc. If you own some stocks of a particular company, you can add it to your portfolio.
  • News: Rather than having a centralized News page, Markets & Me displays news items for each organization separately. You can filters the news content based on the time period at which it was published.
  • Hub: This area gives you a general overview of the stock market of your choice, and that too with respect to your own portfolio.

Markets & Me allows its users to sign in with their Google Finance portfolio, and comes with live tile support (you can pin your own portfolio to the Start screen, or choose to follow any company’s progress via the live tiles). To make sure that you never lose your data, the app lets you export your portfolio (as an Excel spreadsheet) via email. All these amazing features come with the price tag of $0, so if you own a WP7 device and have got anything to do with the financial world, do give Markets & Me a try.

Download Markets & Me

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