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Photo Genius: Official Aviary Image Editor For Windows Phone

When it comes to photo editors that are simple and elegant, no one does it better than Aviary. The service provides its plugin for many apps that do not primarily deal with photo editing but still want to come up with a decent set of options for their users. Recently Aviary released its standalone photo editor for iOS and Android, and we all know which platform usually follows those two when it comes to app releases. Photo Genius has just become available in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, and using this app from Aviary, Mango users will be able to apply a host of photo effects to their images. Not only that, the popular Enhance feature is there in the app as well, just to ensure that you can make photos look better with a single tap. Photo Genius has a few other really cool features too, like fancy stickers, red-eye removal and even a teeth-whitening menu.

Photo Genius Home Photo Genius Aviary Editor

Photo Genius is sure to make you feel really comfortable as soon as you launch it. This is due to the fact that the interface is really simple, and most users ought to be familiar with the way things work in Aviary, thanks to the presence of its plugins in third-party apps. The app starts up with a view of all the photos present in your device’s gallery, and you have to merely tap any of them to begin editing. Using the camera icon in the middle of the bottom bar, it is also possible to snap a picture and begin editing straight away. The editing screen in Photo Genius presents a preview of the image being edited, while the options are located in the bottom bar. Here is a list of everything you can do using the Photo Genius app from Aviary.

Photo Genius Enhance Photo Genius Effects Photo Genius Stickers

  • Enhance: In this mode, you don’t have to do anything; just choose the way you want to make the enhancements, and that’s it. Available options here include Auto (to let the app decide what’s best for your photos), Night, Backlit and Balance. Before applying the Enhance effect though, keep in mind that not every effect will work right with all images, and you will have to make the choice on your own.
  • Effects: For now, there is only one effects pack (comprising of about 10 filters) in Photo Genius, but the way it is laid out, there is room for speculation that there will soon be more effect categories in the app.
  • Stickers & Text: The stickers are also present in a subfolder of their own, and their pack has to be downloaded separately after the app’s installation (don’t worry, it is free). You can resize or reposition any sticker you want. The text option in the app lets you choose the color in which you want to write over the image.
  • Photo Editing Options: Photo Genius packs features like Crop, Brightness, Saturation, Contrast and Sharpness. All of them are controllable via sliders, and provide users with a preview before the changes are applied.
  • Image Correction: Red-eye removal, Blemish and Whitening are three options that you can use to make faces in photos look better with a single touch.

In terms of photo editing, Photo Genius is just about perfect, but the app certainly needs a few sharing options (there are none presently, and the app just saves all the edited images to Camera Roll automatically) and more effects in future updates. You can download Aviary’s Photo Genius for free from the link below.

Download Photo Genius for Windows Phone

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  1. Rubbish. Takes ages to load image gallery but if it integrated with the pictures hub it wouldn’t have to. It doesn’t.

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