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Shoot, Share & Discover Videos With The Official Keek App For WP8

During its two years of existence, Keek has managed to attract a fair amount of users. The idea behind the service might not be too novel, but the way it combines different aspects of social networking while maintaining focus on video sharing has endeared Keek to many. Owing to its success on desktop, the service was introduced to smartphones some time back, and now the app collection is really complete with Keek arriving on Windows Phone. The WP8 app can hold its own against any media sharing service available on the platform, and lets you browse through videos shared by users around the world. There is even has a content filter that lets you view posts only from the countries of your choice. The video recorder doesn’t have too many bells and whistles, but that makes sense as Keek is not meant to be used like Instagram or a proper video editor.

Keek WP8 Home Keek WP8 Top Keek WP8 Comments

If you aren’t using Keek already, it is possible to sign up for a new account from within the app; otherwise, simply sign in from the welcome page. The main page has a dedicated section for featured videos, which keep getting refreshed automatically. In addition to this featured section, there are plenty of other ways to browse through Keek’s rather random (albeit entertaining) collection of videos. There are separate sections for latest keeks, popular keeks and posts from the most famous users of the service, which include some celebrities too.

You can also search for a particular keyword or user, and search results can be filtered by country. Other than directly playing videos on the results page or a profile page, you can go to a post’s feedback page and leave a comment there. The heart icon can be used to bookmark posts.

Keek WP8 Record Keek WP8 Video

The Keek video player and recorder are both very simple; the recorder can be invoked by hitting the ‘+’ button in the bottom bar and starts shooting as soon as you tap the screen. It comes with no options other than switching between front and rear cams, or toggling the camera flash. The video player offers just basic playback controls.

Keek for WP8 is not absolutely perfect for now, since it is missing a key feature: users cannot view their feed in the app, so to view posts from people you follow in one place, the only option is to visit the Keek website. Having said that, it is possible to search for users and manually go through their posts.

Keek gives the impression of being a really mature app when you first use it, but if you are a regular user of the service, the missing features are sure to be a little annoying. The app is free, and works only with Windows Phone 8 devices.

Install Keek from Windows Phone Store

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