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Stream Free Movies & TV Shows On Your Windows Phone With Crackle

If you don’t have access to Hulu because you live outside the US, then there are very few good and legal options available for streaming TV shows and movies. Even for people living in the US, Hulu and other similar services don’t offer a solution that is cheap, and you have to pay per view in most cases. That’s why Crackle is so special. Admittedly, the service does not offer all the popular movies and TV shows, but if you aren’t really choosy and just want to spend some quality time watching some good content, then you are sure to fall in love with this free service. Crackle doesn’t work everywhere, but it isn’t restricted to just the US, either. You can watch some really awesome movies and shows if you live in UK, Canada, Australia or US (the app might work in other locations too, specially if your WP7 ID is registered in any of the supported countries).

Crackle WP7 Featured Crackle WP7 Movies Crackle WP7 Overview

Although signing up for Crackle is not compulsory in order to use the app, it is better if you do so as this will allow you to create and manage watchlists of your own. To create a new Crackle account, you just have to enter your email ID, username, a new password and phone number and then verify your registration from your email. For users who are signed in, there are 4 main screens in the Crackle app. The Featured area shows a nice combination of movies and TV shows that are popular among the service’s users. Apart from that, there are separate menus for Movies and TV Shows. Only a few titles are listed on the main pages, but there are a lot more when you hit the see all button. In fact, you can even apply certain filters to narrow down the displayed titles. It is possible to view movies and shows related to a particular genre only, or there is the option to browse through the list based on the content’s popularity or date of addition to the Crackle database. The videos available in the app are there for a limited time only, and everything is taken down after a while and replaced with something new. The expiry date for each show or episode is written below the main title and ratings. TV shows have got a separate menu for episodes, and on the main Overview screen you can read a short description and other positive things about the flick.

Crackle WP7 Watchlist Crackle WP7 My Watchlis Crackle WP7 Recommended

Not only can you maintain your own watchlist in Crackle, it is also possible to view the recommended watchlist by the app. Crackle suggests content for you based on things you have watched in the past, and the overall popularity of an item in the app. It is possible to restrict access to the app if your children use your phone too, and you can do that by signing in to your account, going to the app’s settings menu and toggling on Parental Controls. If you do that, you will be able to put a password on the app.

Crackle is available as a free download in the Windows Phone Marketplace, and you can stream everything in it without ever having to pay anything.

Download Crackle for Windows Phone

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