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The Official CNN App Now Available For All WP7 Devices

One of the strategies Nokia is using in order to lure customers is the offering of Lumia-exclusive apps for Windows Phone 7. While Nokia may choose to keep their own apps (like Nokia Maps, Nokia Music and Drive) limited to the Lumia series indefinitely, there are some other apps that are released for the Nokia devices first, and come to all other Mango phones at a later date. One such app is the official CNN client for WP7, which was released for Nokia WP7 devices a few months back. Now, the app has arrived in the Marketplace for all Windows Phone users, and you can get the latest news and other content from CNN on the go even if you don’t own a Lumia phone. The app comes with push notifications (for breaking news) and live tile support. Head past the break if you want to know more about this official app of one the most popular news sources in the world.

CNN WP7 Top Story CNN WP7 Latest CNN WP7 Videos

The WP7 version of the CNN app has been released almost exactly a year after the Android client came out (reviewed here). The Mango app is pretty similar to the Android one, but with metro looks. Upon the first launch of the app, you will have to allow it to send you push notifications if you want to get the most out of it. The first section of the app that shows up once you have configured everything is the Top Story of the day. This menu is updated regularly, and the listed article usually contains a video as well. Swiping to the right of the screen will bring you to the Latest News menu that lists all the current stories that are trending on CNN. News stories might consist of just text, or can have audio, video or photos attached with them. If you are interested in streaming media rather than reading lengthy articles, there is the Videos section for you. The video repository in the CNN app is quite comprehensive, and the streaming is smooth as well. Users can leave their comments on videos, or share them via email right from within the app (social network sharing is available as well).

CNN WP7 Sections CNN WP7 Articles

In case you want to personalize your feeds, or just want to view news items related to a particular category, go the Sections screen of the CNN app and select a category of your interest. Each category lists videos and articles related to it, and you can pin them individually to your Start screen if you want.

CNN WP7 iReport CNN WP7 Story CNN WP7 Settings

Thanks to the iReport section of the app, it is possible to share your own news videos with the world via CNN. You will have to create a CNN account to do that, though. The sharing options for videos and articles in the CNN app are impressive, and include most of the popular social networks and mailing services. From the Settings menu of the app, users can configure push notifications and location services. The app also has a cool Shake to Update feature that can be toggled on from Settings.

The official CNN app for WP7 is available as a free download in the Marketplace, and you can use it to get the latest news from around the world. Follow the link provided below to grab the app for your Mango device.

Download CNN for Windows Phone 7

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