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Transfer Contacts & Media From iPhone Or Android To Windows Phone With Perlego’s SaveIt!

While it is easy to backup your phone data if you plan to stay on your current platform for a long time, things can get a bit messy when switching to another OS. Windows Phone 8 is the latest smartphone platform to be released, and we are sure that a lot of people have been avoiding the allures of modern UI, Xbox integration and MS Office just because they have become too comfortable with their Android or iOS device, and don’t want to risk losing their data. SaveIt! is an app that takes this love for personal data out of the equation when you consider switching to another platform. It backs up all your important data to the cloud, and you can import everything to any other device, be it on iOS, Android or Windows Phone (BlackBerry and Symbian are supported as well).

SaveIt! iOS Home SaveIt! iOS Options

So, you have just purchased a brand new Lumia 920 or HTC 8X, and are wondering how on Earth are you going to populate the empty People hub and get all your favorite photos and videos into the device from your iPhone. It’s easier than you think.

Simply download SaveIt! from the platform’s marketplace, and create a new Perlego account. Doing so requires nothing more than an email ID and a new password. You will have to verify your account before proceeding.

There is a prominent Backup button on the main screen, and from within that section, it is possible to choose what exactly you want to save to the cloud. You can backup of contacts, calendars, photos and videos. It takes some time for all the data to be backed up, but that’s only to be expected if you are syncing your entire media library.

SaveIt! WP Home SaveIt! WP Restore

When the backup is complete, head to the WP Store and download SaveIt! for your WP8. Unlike its Android and iOS counterparts, SaveIt! for Windows Phone is quite simple and doesn’t have anti-theft features. You can’t sign up for a new Perlego account from within the app and there’s no way of backing up data from WP8 to the cloud.

This app serves just one purpose, and that is to restore backed up content from the cloud. There are two ways of going about that. You can use “Quick Restore” or “Manual Restore”, where the first option imports everything synced with your account and the latter lets users choose exactly what they want to import. Granting SaveIt! access to your phone’s Live ID is mandatory for performing these actions.

SaveIt! is usually $2.99, but has gone free for a limited time. The backup and restore features work without any in-app purchases but you will need to spend some extra cash to access remote wipe and other anti-theft features for iOS.

Download SaveIt! For Windows Phone

Download SaveIt! For iOS

Download SaveIt! For Android

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