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Vyclone Brings Its Collaborative, Multi-Angle Video Shooting To WP8

Apps like Streamweaver and WeVideo introduced the concept of collaborative media capturing and editing to the masses but in recent times, Vyclone has come up as the most popular release in this genre. The app has been available for both iOS and Android for quite a while, and out of the blue, it has arrived at the WP Store as well. It is a pleasant surprise to see that Vyclone for WP8 has an interface that goes well with the platform, and doesn’t seem to be a mere port of its iOS or Android versions. In case you aren’t familiar with Vyclone already, the app allows users to collaborate with others in their vicinity to shoot a scene from several angles, and then stitches the results automatically to give you a really cool end result.

Vyclone WP My Feed Vyclone WP Trending Vyclone WP Search

Those who have used Vyclone on other platforms can connect their existing account with the WP8 app. If you are new to Vyclone, you can register a new account using your email address or Facebook account. To make the service more social, Vyclone has a ‘My Feed’ section where collaborative videos from your friends show up. To see some of the best public works from Vyclone users, head to the ‘trending’ section of the app. From the bottom bar, it is even possible to search for videos associated with particular keywords. Vyclone links location with all videos shot using it, so you can browse through the public library if you only want to search for videos shot near your current location.

Vyclone WP Shoot Vyclone WP Edit

To start a shooting project of your own, hit the camera button located at the bottom of the screen. The recording view displays the number of Vyclone users near you, so that it becomes possible to collaborate with them easily. All users have to shoot simultaneously if they want to become a part of a session.

Apart from new videos, Vyclone also offers the option to create your own remixes of public videos shared on the network by others. The editing options aren’t too complex; the editor is meant to work as a one-tap tool. The seek bar can be used to navigate to different parts of the video, while the available views can be chosen for your personal cut simply by tapping them from the right-hand pane.

Vyclone for Windows Phone is available only for Windows Phone 8, and might not work with Non-Nokia devices. You can give the app a shot for free by heading to the following link.

Download Vyclone For Windows Phone

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