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YouRang Lets You Save Any YouTube Video As A Ringtone For Your WP7

Gone are the days when it was a headache trying to set up a custom ringtone on your Windows Phone 7 device. With the release of Mango, Microsoft made it really easy to download and use ringtones on WP7. However, you still have to look for a good ringtone on any of the available apps, and there is no guarantee that your favorite ringtone will be listed anywhere. YouRang solves this problem by automatically converting any YouTube video’s soundtrack to a ringtone! You don’t need to connect your phone to your computer or go through a lot of complicated steps; YouRang does all the work as soon as you specify a video’s name and choose the part of it that you want to use as a ringtone. More after the break.

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YouRang can’t be used as a YouTube client, as it doesn’t play videos. All it does is play a preview of the chosen part of the video, but nothing more. To get things started, find the desired video via the app’s Search menu. Once you get to the video you were looking for, select it (by tapping it once) and then hit the download button from the bottom bar. Doing so will bring you to the ringtone creation screen. As WP7 ringtones can’t be any longer than 39 seconds, you have to select a short snippet of the video that will be used. The upper arrow shows the starting point of the sound, while the lower one specifies the point where the ringtone will be terminated. It is possible to fine tune both these markers using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ arrow keys. You can listen to the selected portion by hitting the preview area, while the play button is there to allow users to listen to the whole track.

After you are satisfied with the position of the sliders, tap the create button, name the ringtone, and check the use as current ringtone box. That’s it, the ringtone will appear in your phone’s Settings menu just like all other custom ringtones. YouRang is a free app (although ad-supported) and amazingly easy to use. Although some users have complained that the app crashes regularly, we didn’t encounter any issues while testing it on our Omnia 7. So, if you like to have custom ringtones on your WP7, do give the app a try by heading to the web Marketplace link provided below.

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