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3 Simple Ways To Convert MS Excel 2007(.xlsx) to Older Version(.xls)

Are you looking for converting Microsoft Excel from .xlsx format to .xls? We have listed three simple methods through which you can convert the formats within seconds.

Using MS Excel 2007

If your friend or co-worker has an older version of MS Excel, then will have to convert it from .xlsx to .xls for him/her which can be done using MS Excel 2007.

Open the file that you want to convert, and click File(Round Office Orb button) and move your pointer to Save As, and from the list of options select Excel 97-2003 Workbook.

xlsx to xls using excel 2007

This will save a copy to an old Excel format(.xls format), which you can start sharing.

Zamzar – Free Online Conversion Tool

Zamzar is an excellent online conversion tool that can convert multiple formats. It can convert .xlsx format to xls, doc, pdf, xml, ods, mdb, html, rtf, and csv in a single step.

Add multiple files, select the format you want to convert it into, and enter your email address to receive the converted file.


SheetConvert – Convert xlsx To xls Quickly

This whole site is dedicated to converting xlsx format to xls quickly in one single click. According to the website docx to doc support is coming soon.

Just Browse your Microsoft Excel Sheet and click Convert.


Unlike Zamzar where you can select multiple files, this service allows you to convert one file at a time.


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