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Add Custom Shortcuts & System Paths To Windows Context Menu

Right Click Enhancer is a tweak for adding items and enhancing available options for the Windows context menu. It allows you to customize the right click menu, by adding folder and file shortcuts, applications for moving items to, system configuration utility (msconfig), opening files with the notepad, the option to add files and folders to cascading menu and so on. other than context menu enhancement options, you can also benefit from the My Computer Manager option to add file and folder shortcuts to My Computer and the Control Panel. Moreover, useful features like encryption and decryption can be added to the context menu for encrypting or decrypting a file from the Windows context menu. Right Click Enhancer has much more simplified options than the formerly reviewed PC Utility Manager.

The main interface of Right Click Enhancer displays five primary options. These include My Computer Manager, Right Click Tweaker, Send To Manager, Right Click Shortcuts Creator and Right Click Cascading Menu Creator.

Right Click Enhancer

From the My Computer manager option, you can add your important files and folders to My Computer and the Control Panel.

Context menu

The selected files and folders will be instantly displayed to My Computer or the Control Panel (as selected). It can be quite useful to add shortcuts of commonly used documents or folders to ensure that you are able to easily access them from these two system paths.


Similarly, The Right Click Tweaker option enables adding a file list, copy to folder, move to folder, open in Notepad, encrypt/decrypt, print file list, problem step recorder and system config utility (msconfig) to the right click menu.

Right Click Tweaker

Adding these options can have a number of advantages such as quick encryption/decryption of files, opening files instantly in the Notepad for editing, being able to move or copy files to a specific location and accesing the msconfig utility from context menu.


You can select specific system paths from the Send to Manager option for enabling quick transfer of items from the right-click menu. For example, the default options of the context menu allow quickly sending a file, folder, etc to the desktop, thumb drive, documents directory and so on. You can add more path like these to Sent To Menu.

Send To Manger

For further adding items to the context menu, you can use the Shortcut Creator and Right Click Cascading Menu features. This will enable you to add specific items to the context menu by specifying system paths.

Shortcut creator

Right Click Enhancer works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Right Click Enhancer


  1. great looks good and easy to use will give it a bash i have tried a few context managers some good some bad, causing explorer to crash, and freeze ups on files while right clicking.

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