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How to add tags to files on Windows 10

If you want to search for a file on Windows 10, your best bet is to remember the file name. If it’s a text file, you may be able to search it via its contents but that’s not a search feature that works for all file types. A much better way to organize files is to use tags. Tags, if properly applied to a file, can be immensely helpful in finding it later when you’ve forgotten the file name. For Windows 10 where many users still have to deal with a broken search feature, tags are exponentially more useful. Here’s how you can add tags to files on Windows 10.

Add tags to files

There are three ways to tag files on Windows 10; you can add tags through a file’s properties window, you can add tags via the app used to create the file, or you can use a third-party app to add tags.

Make sure tags are enabled for the file type.

File Properties

To add tags to a file from it’s properties window, navigate to the file in File Explorer and right-click it. Select Properties from the context menu. On the Properties window, go to the Details tab. Scroll through the attributes until you find Tags. Click inside the empty field next to tags and enter the tags you want to use.


This method is limited because not a lot of apps allow you to add tags to the files you create with them. One app that does allow you to add tags is Microsoft Word. When you save the file, you get the option to also add tags to it but we cannot say the same for other apps. This is a trial and error method.

Tagging Tools

Windows has always been limited in how it deals with tags which is why there are quite a few apps available for tagging files. Not only can these apps add tags to files, they can do so in bulk which is something that Windows 10 doesn’t allow you to do.

We recommend trying TagSpaces. It’s a popular app for adding all sorts of tags to files. It has both a free version and a premium version but if you’re only interested in adding tags to local files, the free version will be more than sufficient.

There are countless apps out there that you can choose from and if you do decide to spend money on an app, make sure you look at the options that are available to you.

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