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Analyze And Identify Audio Files In Complete Details With Audio Identifier

Portable Audio Identifier is a free tool that lets you explore, analyze, and identify your audio files in complete details. It is a stand-alone explorer which gives you full information of every audio file such as average bitrate, used encoder, quality, etc. Due it it’s small size and portability it can be carried anywhere on a USB drive easily.

Just extract the files and click on the executable file named ‘AI’. Once the explorer is open, select the folder containing your audio files. It will automatically scan your audio files and show you details next to every audio file.

audio idenntifier - music details Click on the image above to enlarge.

The best thing so far is that along with the encoder, it also displays encoding options which can be really helpful. You can export full or selected data as HTML. It has full unicode support, the supported audio formats are: MPEG Audio (mp3), MPEGplus (mpc), WAV, VQF, Ogg, WMA, AAC, and SPX. Enjoy!

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