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AniPlayer X – Media Player For Video Series/Anime Lovers

AniPlayer X is a newly developed portable media player designed for those people who love watching video series(mostly Anime). With this video player the developer has targeted a very niche audience of Anime lovers, thus the name AniPlayer(Anime Player).

Apart from the fancy DimLight feature and Playlist sidebar on the right, I really couldn’t find a feature that would compel people to watch Anime videos in this player. The only thing that actually makes it look good is the sleek eye-candy user interface and the option to open multiple instances of AniPlayer.


aniplayer x

AniPlayer multiple players

The black interface and the straight forward eye-candy buttons might appeal the anime lovers, but that too is something I would highly doubt. Want to give it a try yourself, hit the link below, but at AddictiveTips we love VLC Player more than anything else.

Download AniPlayer X

It works on Windows Vista and Windows 7. Additional codecs are required if not already installed(link given in developer’s page). Enjoy!

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