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Sync Google Calendar With Windows 7 Desktop

After some great overall improvement, Microsoft made one stupid (I hate to say this but it is true) decision – removing Windows Calendar from Windows 7. Thus, stealing away the ability for users to sync their Google or Windows Live Calendar with their desktop. Luckily, I came across a Windows Gadget called Windows Live Calendar Gadget developed for Windows by user poulicek. It allows user to sync both Windows Live Calendar and Google Calendar(yes, it supports syncing of multiple calendars). Technically it supports any calendar in iCal format.

Now first head over to Google Calendar, hit Settings, and visit Calendars tab. Here, click the calendar that you want to sync.

You will find a Private Address section at the bottom of the page. Click ICAL and copy the URL.

Now install the Windows Live Calendar Gadget, go to Options, and paste the URL. If you have more than one calendars, you can paste the URL(one per line).

Windows Live Calendar Gadget Options

You can also choose when to check for changes and the number of displayed events. For now there is only one skin but the developer is working on more. Lastly there is an option to select the sound of alarm which will alert you when the event approaches it’s time.

In the screenshot below you can see how events are displayed. Clicking any event will show you the complete details, information such as, Summary, Location, Start/End Date & Time, and Description are easily viewable.

Google Calendar Event Windows 7

The events which have approached their date are highlighted while others are not. Click any date and it will take you to that day’s events.

Windows Live Calendar Gadget

You can also view the gadget in smaller size where only the events are displayed and the calendar is hidden.

google calendar windows 7

It is an excellent little gadget for Google Calendar addicts like me who love to keep an eye on the upcoming events. It’s developed exclusively for Windows 7.

Download Windows Live Calendar Gadget

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