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Batch-Convert Or Merge An Entire Folder Of Videos With HandBrake

HandBrake is arguably the most powerful video converter out there, offering stupendous amount of features and top-notch conversion quality. On top of that, its’ an open-source software and provides a CMD app to let advanced users quickly encode media files into required formats. HB Batch Encoder Mk2 is an application that uses the HandBrakeCLI.exe file to batch-convert media files. It comes packed with a number of video conversion profiles including those compatible with iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, AppleTV 2, Andriod devices and more. For each profile, it generates the complete HandBrake CLI command to let you further customize the A/V conversion parameters. The application supports recursive folder search, and therefore, can automatically list down all the supported video files within a selected folder and its sub-folders. You can also choose to re-encode multiple video files into a single file, and save the converted files within the source folder. More after the jump.

The application is quite user-friendly, and is useful for encoding a large number of video files. Before you begin, make sure that HandBrake (downlink link given at the bottom of the post) is installed on your system. When you launch the application, you’re presented with a simple looking interface design. By default, the tool automatically finds and detects HandBrakeCLI.exe file, but unfortunately in our testing it failed to add the correct path, and we had to manually set the source directory.

Encoding the video files is easy. First, click Select Folder to Encode to add your source directory. In case you want to include subfolders in that directory as well, enable Include Sub Dir’s option . As mentioned earlier, it lets you merge source files during the conversion process. Selecting Perform Merge operation only option will show you the files that can be merged together. Now, click Select Encode to specify the output directory. You can choose your preset profile such as iPhone 4, iPad, iPod, AppleTV etc., from Presets drop down menu. When you select a profile, it generates the HandBrakeCLI command parameters at the bottom of the window.

HB Batch Encoder Mk 2

Once everything’s in place, click Start Batch to begin the process. You can monitor the current encoding progress from Results tab that generates statistical logs in real time.


HB Batch Encoder Mk2 works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Both 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions are supported.

Download HandBrake

Download HB Batch Encoder Mk2

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